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Drink & Wet + Armatures - FULL-BODY SILICONE Andi by Shi Mrofka (16 inches 4 lbs 10 oz)

Drink & Wet + Armatures - FULL-BODY SILICONE Andi by Shi Mrofka (16 inches 4 lbs 10 oz)

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This is a full body platinum silicone baby that will be created to provide the ultimate realistic baby experience for his/her new mommy. Unlike partial silicone babies, full body silicone babies have abolutely no cloth whatsoever. This means you can bathe your baby and he/she can be submerged in water safely. πŸ’˜ You will receive a FREE thank you gift set from our nursery shortly after your order. Your completed baby will ship as soon as he/she is finished. I appreciate your investment in my work! I want to make getting a custom silicone baby simple, affordable and FUN!

HOW LAYAWAY WORKS πŸ’˜ I accept layaway plans at By offering a layaway, I will be buying the blank baby mold in an installment plan that is dependent upon your layaway installment payments for completion. The first five payment installments will cover the pour contract for the blank baby kit and the cost of the materials to complete your order. Missing a payment will void the pour contract for your baby and you won't get any money back because the silicone pour artists have a strict no refunds policy. YOU CANNOT CANCEL. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. I am offering layaway options to try to help everyone afford a beautiful silicone baby. Please do not set up a plan if you cannot afford to complete the payment schedule ON TIME every month.

πŸ’˜Silicone heads are difficult to root and the hair does NOT lay flat to the head. I am still building my skillset for rooting silicone, so if you are a perfectionist please do NOT order a rooted hair option. I am a skilled rooting artist in soft vinyl and will grow into this skillset in silicone over time. Things to consider about adding rooted hair to a silicone baby: 1.) Silicone has a static charge and will attract hair which may cause it to bunch up or tangle more easily. 2.) Silicone heads are solid so the hair cannot be glued in and normal shedding is to be expected especially with a lot of handling/styling. 3.) I root silicone heads thicker than I do vinyl babies. You will not see the baby's scalp.

πŸ’˜Your baby will be painted in many thin layers creating a skin translucency that is very similar to our skin in appearance. Each layer of paint is allowed to fully cure 24-36 hours before the next layer can be added. This requires up to 36 hours per layer for full curing. Only one side of the baby can be worked at a time which adds significant time to the entire process. This is very meticulous work and it is time consuming. You will choose the options for your baby in the dropdown menus.

πŸ’˜When available your baby will be created with an open mouth. If the caster does NOT offer mouth opening, there are several tutorials that can guide you in opening the mouth yourself. As a silicone artist I do not make ANY alterations to any sculpt. Please reach out to me BEFORE you buy and I will be happy to check with our caster for availability and pricing of all options currently available with this baby. Please understand that once an order has been placed it cannot be canceled for any reason.

πŸ’˜Please keep in mind that silicone babies require quite a bit of time to create. The blank sculpt is available only as "pour to order" which means when you place your order ~ I request a blank baby to be cast by the silicone artist (the dainty loft, maria grover dolls, etc.). From that point it takes up to 8 weeks just for me to receive the blank kit from our caster.

πŸ’˜Layaway orders will wait longer because she will NOT complete the pour until the blank kit is paid for in full.

πŸ’˜Once the blank kit has been received work will immediately begin and your baby will be finished according to your selections. Contact me directly for a completion estimate BEFORE you order if wait time may be an issue for you. It is not uncommon for the wait time on silicone babies to exceed normal processing time.

No Refunds. No Cancellations.
Purchase = Agreement To Terms
Keep in mind that due to the complex nature of silicone, imperfections are natural and are not considered to be defects.
Processing Time: Check with me before you order for current production times.

Materials: Platinum Silicone, Authentic Copyrighted Sculpts, Genuine Craftsmanship, Hyper Realistic Detailing.

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