About Me


I do my very best to be as transparent as possible so that my customers know everything from start to finish BEFORE the order is placed.  I love my work and I want to create art dolls that you will love, too!  I am open and honest and I care about your purchase experience.  I want your journey to be a joyful one as you create your dream reborn baby.  Wait times are kept as short as possible and I work hard to keep my collectors informed at every step.  



There are so many scam sellers flooding the market with their lies and substandard, stolen reborn kits and I know people are scared to buy.  I want to alleviate all fears.  I feel like being good at whatever you do has to start with being a good person.  I work  toward being the vision God has for me in his heart every single day.  And I am deeply thankful for his mercy and grace in my life. 



The most important things to me are God and family. I struggle with severe anxiety from PTSD that emerged after a violent encounter.  One of the most terrifying symptoms of the disorder are derealization episodes.  Even just thinking about it makes me feel weak and shaky.  It has been my experience that anything can trigger them.  I can just be sitting on the couch watching television and it will happen.  I cannot even describe the horrific sensation that overtakes me in those moments.    


I know that it is God that gives me the strength to continually move forward and live my life. I am so thankful that He has blessed me in this work because my breakdown came on so quickly and was so debilitating that for months I was unable to leave my home, drive, or work. My job was a 90 minute commute each way and I was unable to drive myself across town for my therapy appointments, my husband had to take off work to drive me.  So there was no way I could manage driving myself that far away. I ended up taking medical leave to try to get myself into a better place mentally and physically. 


After many long months of intense emotional & behavioral therapy accompanied by lifestyle modifications, slowly my life started to come back into focus but it was clear that functionally speaking I was living with a brand new set of limitations. My doll work throughout my treatment was an integral part of my daily life during the time of my debilitation. My therapist helped me to learn how to use my art to bring balance into my mind and body.  This period eventually translated into my becoming a full-time artist when I was ultimately unable to return to my position as Director of Clinical Internship at VASOM in Charlottesville, Virginia.  



I am so thankful that I am able to work from my home.  It gives me the dignity of providing for my family while also honoring my limitations.  I believe in my heart that the trauma and the brokeness was used by God to bring me into a more peaceful place in my life and I am so very thankful for that and I pray every day that I can stay here.  The current state of affairs in the economy is making my issues even worse because of the additional mental stress of not having enough money to buy groceries or pay for insurance.  


I serve a big God and I know his love for me is trustworthy.  But times right now are so hard and I'm getting very scared.  It's so embarrassing to me having this invisible illness that has stolen my freedom to a level where I can't function normally enough to have a job in my area of expertise & training. And because of that, my family suffers lack.  It's humiliating, actually.  Because, I want to be self-sufficient and I don't like to ask anyone for help - but I'm asking now.  I hope you will consider supporting my work if the Lord has lead you to do so.  Thank you for reading.

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